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10 in 1 First half of 5 Rations Kit (Menu #4)


Reproduction WW2 U.S. Army 10 in 1 First Half of 5 Rations (Menu #4)

The First Half was part of the 10 in 1 Ration pack, that paired up with the Second Half of 5 Rations.

There were two sets of each Ration in a complete 10 in 1 Ration .

With this kit you will receive the outer cardboard box (Menu #4) made with the correct B Flute Specifications, the two inner cardboard protective boxes and all the boxes, bags and labels to complete a usable First Half Ration. Also included are the 5 Partial Dinner Units and corresponding items to complete a usable PDU.

Some items may vary from the photo. 

Professionally printed on correct thickness cardboard.

These boxes are the absolute best reproduction on the market.