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K Ration Can Decals


K Ration Can Decals.

These decals are printed on clear adhesive vinyl that can be added to can lids to simulate the cans that were included in the K Ration.

There are 7 Different labels to choose from, 2 Breakfast, 3 Dinner and 2 Supper. They include:

Breakfast:  Chopped Ham and Eggs (Black Text)                                                                                     Chopped Ham and Eggs (Red Text)

Dinner:       Processed American Cheese (Blue Text)                                                                                Processed American Cheese with Bacon (Black Text)                                                          Processed American Cheese with Bacon (Black Text)  

Supper:       Beef and Pork Loaf (Black Text)                                                                                             Corned Pork Loaf (Red Text)   

All these decals are taken from original designs. NOTE: Some designs are shown with OD green backgrounds, this is just to show what the decals will look like on a painted can.