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British 24 Hour Ration Box Inner Wrappers


Reproduction of the WW2 British 24-Hour Assault Ration Wrappers that were part of the 24 Hour Assault Rations Kit.

This kit consists of  all the wrappers for building your own complete 24 hour ration.

The Inners includes: (1) Menu Instructions (1) Meat Wrapper and Box, (1)Tea Wrapper and Box, (2) Oatmeal Wrappers and box, (1) Salt Sachet Heat Sealable, (3) Chocolate Wrappers and (4) Sugar Cube Wrappers.

The boxes included can be filled and wrapped or not used at all.

This is the absolute best reproduction on the market.

There is no edible items, it is wrappers only.

This is perfect for the hardcore re-enactor.