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WW2 C ration Cans
WW2 C Ration Cans B Unit
WW2 C ration Cans M1 Meat and Beans
WW2 C Ration Cans M2 Meat and Vegetable Hashe
WW2 C ration Cans M3 Meat and Vegetable Stew

C Ration Cans (Full Day Ration Set) Reusable


WW2 Field Ration cans C type.

One days rations of 6 cans, 3 M units (M1, M2 ,M3) and 3 B units.

(1) Meat and Beans.

(1) Meat and Vegetable Stew.

(1) Meat and Vegetable Hash.

(3) B Unit.

 The cans are empty but the can be filled with whatever items you may want.

Dry goods are preferred.

 They can be reused time and time again.

The labels are professionally printed onto vinyl and adhered to the cans.