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K Ration Cans


K Ration Cans.

These replica cans are the correct size dimensionally as the originals and have the key tab and simulated tear strip. The cans have the decal of choice applied to them.

These cans are empty and cannot be opened, they are props and for display purposes only.

The key opener is not included.

There are 7 Different cans to choose from, 2 Breakfast, 3 Dinner and 2 Supper. They include:

Breakfast:  Chopped Ham and Eggs (Black Text)                                                                                     Chopped Ham and Eggs (Red Text)

Dinner:       Processed American Cheese (Black Text)                                                                              Processed American Cheese with Bacon (Blue Text)                                                            Processed American Cheese with Bacon (Black Text)  

Supper:       Beef and Pork Loaf (Black Text)                                                                                             Corned Pork Loaf (Red Text)